exhibiting at:  The Royal Drawing School, Dumfries House, Cumnock, Ayrshire KA18 2NJ

Beth Watson

Email: hello@bethwatsondesign.co.uk

Web: www.bethwatsondesign.co.uk

Facebook: Beth Watson Design

Phone: 07707714644

Address: Boswell Coach House, Auchinleck Estate, Ayrshire KA18 LR



Beth finds endless inspiration from her local landscape and architecture

The Artists bio

Scottish designer Beth Watson, is a graduate from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen and Princes Trust Awardee. Working from her studio on the West Coast of Scotland, Beth finds endless inspiration from her local landscape and architecture. By exploring the history behind the monuments, buildings and structures, Beth endeavours to incorporate new and traditional concepts.
Constantly striving to build on her skills, Beth is consistently learning additional traditional and modern processes to enable her ideas and designs to flourish. This combination of traditional making skills and the possibilities of new technology supports the development of her contemporary reaction to historical references.
Chosen for the beauty and durability, Beth works predominantly with precious metals and gemstones to emulate the idea that her designs will stand the test of time similar that of the buildings and structures. The sleek and structured geometric aesthetic that Beth has developed, creates timeless, stylish jewellery and tableware.