exhibiting at:  7 Coranbae Place, Ayr, KA7 4JB

Carolyn A Wallace

Email: c.wallace@btconnect.com

Phone: 07803131504

Address: 7 Coranbae Place, Ayr, KA7 4JB

I am driven by the challenge of conveying form…

The Artists bio

Having started to paint in watercolour, I continue to utilise water-based media, but of a more robust nature, with increasing interest in mixed media effects. Acrylics and water-based oils suit my style and love of intense colour. I am driven by the challenge of conveying form, whilst striving to capture the essence of what attracted me to the subject matter in the first place, whether that is the freshness of the wind, the threat of a storm or simply the change of the season. My recent work concentrates on landscapes, inspired by personal travelling experiences and brought to fruition in my studio. Increasingly, I am drawn to working on a bigger scale and to investigating more abstract interpretations of the subject.