exhibiting at:  Catrine CEVIC, 14 Ballochmyle Street, Catrine, Ayrshire KA5 6QP

Ciaran Coates Art

Email: ciarancoatesart@gmail.com

Web: www.ciarancoatesart.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ciarancoatesart

Address: Pen y Dale Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire KA1 5LN

Phone: 07737556060

I enjoy all types of art and appreciate differences in an individuals creations

The Artists bio

My names Ciaran Coates, I’ve studied Art  for several years and have an HND in Art & Design Which I gained from Ayrshire college, Ayr Campus , I enjoy all types of Art and varies different media to create it, Please have a look at my website & hopefully you’ll see my Gallery where I’ve posted a sample of my work. I work from my home studio as we stay semi rural and I get peace to paint & draw . I haven’t posted all my work as I’ve now got a large portfolio but I paint and sketch seascapes, landscapes ,still life , birds- mostly swans and I’ve painted a large canvas of a famous panda who resides at Edinburgh zoo (Tian Tian) which means sweetie in Chinese, she’s lovely !!

For years I’ve enjoyed visiting the local Art galleries from Glasgow to Edinburgh and the smaller ones in between to sample all the different talents and styles. I’ve met with lots of artists personally and through open Ayrshire studios and have enjoyed talking to & sharing our creativity and networking with galleries.
I enjoy all types of art and appreciate differences in an individuals creations . I am a big fan of Keith Salmon , his studio’s next to HAC centre in Irvine , he inspires me . I’m also inspired by a numerous artists, historical and contemporary. The historical artists that I’m influenced by are, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet and Evard Munch because I love their use of vibrant colours, details and techniques in their paintings. A contemporary artist I’m influenced by is Peter Howson OBE. I appreciate some of the artists named are not to the taste of all but everyone’s entitled to their opinion when It comes to likes and dislikes in the Art world.

All my art has been priced to reflect , time ,media , framing or unframed and comes in both canvas and canvas board and cartridge paper depending on what
paints etc are used. I sell works because my prices are competitive and prices are available to suit all pockets. I do on occasion accept commissions but find my primary challenges are the work I currently undertake on a day to day basis.
I produce my best works when I visit the subject matter rather than view an image from social media, I feel I absorb the subject matter better and this excites the creativity in me . I’ve been asked many times to sell a particular piece that hangs in our front room named the Mists of Eilean Donan Castle which I produced after a visit up north but my family couldn’t part with it cause they like it so much.

My hopes for the future is to be an artist who’s not afraid to experiment with new styles of media, to embrace changes but most importantly to be true to myself. I will continue to visit art galleries to view pieces of work that will no doubt be a positive influence on any new twists and turns my career takes me to.