Joining Open Studios Ayrshire as an Artist or Maker


What is Open Studios Ayrshire?

Open Studios Ayrshire (OSA) is a non-profit making, artist led, organisation which aims to promote artists and makers in Ayrshire.

Members promote their quality product and working expertise by organising an annual Open Studio Weekend, over four days, on the last full weekend of April.

Why Join OSA?

Our successful and vibrant organisation is now entering it’s seventh year.

It is constantly progressing and developing and is a great way for artists and makers throughout Ayrshire to promote their work, develop their skills and build support and friendships with other artists and makers.

We are very proud of the positive contribution OSA makes to creative life in Ayrshire.

How to Join

Applications should be made using the form below. Please read the guidance notes before completing the form.

We support a policy of equality and diversity in our membership and welcome applications from all ages and backgrounds.

If you have difficulty completing the application form please contact:


Members pay a subscription fee of £100 which enables the organisation to promote the Open Studios Weekend and other events.

As well as a full entry on the website each member has a write up with photographs of their work in a specially produced brochure which is widely distributed in Ayrshire and beyond.


OSA is organised by its members as a collective. All members are asked to participate in the administration of the organisation through membership of a Facebook working group.

By becoming an online community we have found it easier for members to become more involved, by sharing ideas, and giving support to their fellow artists and makers.

There are also many opportunities throughout the year to meet socially with other artists.


Application Form

NB. This form is for new applications only. Existing members should click Here to renew.

New applicants should complete all relevant sections.

These are the details that will appear for you in all OSA Publications
Leave this section blank if you want the above details to be used for all OSA publications.

Anything submitted in this next section will be used for OSA publications

The information which you provide here helps the Selection Committee to assess your suitability for membership. It is important that you give as much detail as possible regarding your work and experience. We are usually looking for artists who can place ticks against three of the statements. Don’t panic, if you read the questions carefully, you will find them quite straightforward.
Please use this area to describe your work and experience in more detail.
OSA produces a brochure which will include your contact details, venue details and a short statement about your work. Please write a maximum of 40 words in the first person.

Please upload four photographs (in .jpg or .jpeg format) that are representative of your work using the following “File Upload” buttons.  

These must be four good clear images of your work, good enough for publication. The selection committee will be looking for your level of skill and consistency of approach.

Please make landscape orientated pictures at least 1024 pixels wide and 720 pixels high, and portrait oriented pictures* at least 720 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high. Square pictures should be at least 1024 pixels in width and height.

* Please provide at least one portrait oriented image which can be used in the brochure.  There may be occasions where this image may be cropped to fit the available space.  Where this is the case any cropping will be carried out carefully and professionally to maintain the intention of the image.

Please name your files with your name and the works title (or untitled if not named) For example: Anne Artist – Rain falling on the Mull of Kintyre.jpg, Anne Artist – Untitled.jpg – this really helps matching the Artist to their work.

Guidelines for producing effective, professional-looking photographs (written by an OSA Artist) are available here.

OSA is run as a collective of artists, all of whom are expected to participate in organising the annual event. The groups are all administered via Facebook, therefore it is important that you have a profile on Facebook to be involved. We understand that not everyone wishes to have a social media presence however to facilitate this smoothly this medium has been selected. All Facebook groups will be closed, and only available to current or future OSA members and it is not necessary that any specific personal data be shared.

Please check all that apply.
  • All works must be original, designed and produced by the artist.
  • Acceptance into OSA is not guaranteed, but all applications will be thoroughly assessed.
  • If not accepted into OSA a full refund (minus PayPal fees) will be made.
  • I have read and understood the information presented on this page.