exhibiting at:  Carnegie Library, Garden Street (rear) Entrance, Ayr, KA8 8EB

Kenny Allan

Email: kenny.allan@el-studio.co.uk

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Address: 5 New Street Largs KA30 9LL

Phone: 01475675094

My inspiration embraces all that surrounds us; dramatic landscapes, natural beauty, colour, light, atmosphere and tranquillity

The Artists bio

I am a landscape photographer, based in Largs on the idyllic west coast of Scotland.

I was given my first camera at the age of 10 years old. And, so began a life into the world of photography.

My inspiration embraces all that surrounds us; dramatic landscapes, natural beauty, colour, light, atmosphere and tranquillity.

This collection of fine art prints, reflects my endless passion I share with the surrounding landscape, understanding its ever changing presence.

As a landscape photographer, I have learnt that I must be prepared to make relentless journeys, to the same location, sit silently in awakening dawns, endure unforgiving climates, climb snow capped mountains and discover hidden pastures. To be patient.

And, one day nature will reward me in capturing its exquisite splendour.


I am frequently asked what inspires my work. A recent climbing trip to the French Pyrenees might enlighten the question.

The tiresome climb through the Oulettes d’Ossoue, Pyrenees, was shrouded in dense cloud and persistent rain. It was far from unfamiliar conditions, having spent years climbing Scottish mountains in similar dreich conditions. Finally, arriving late evening at the Refuge de Bayssellance, the highest mountain hut in the Pyrenees (2651m), we rejuvenated over much welcomed bowls of piping hot soup and a hearty meal to follow. Talk now was of tomorrow, what was the condition of the Ossoue glacier, the predicted weather pattern, cold, icy, severe winds were forecasted, as we planned our route to summit Vignemale (3298m). As night fell, tiredness and anticipation comforted sleep.

As the darkness faded, the dawn awakened. Stretching sleepy limbs and climbing slowly from beneath the blackened mountains and dormant clouds, the sun announced the beginning of a new beautiful day. Majestically illuminating the sky with a deep, deep azure and stirring now the golden clouds, I sat transfixed outside the lonely mountain hut, freezing, clutching a steaming mug of coffee, witnessing the creation of inspiration. Colours, smells, mountains, natural beauty all around engulfed my senses, setting me free, extending my vision and clearing my mind.

Today, I will focus. Today, we will climb Vignemale.

By the time we had prepared and we were ready to depart, as predicted, strong biting winds were upon us, ferociously gripping the mountains and playing havoc in the sky above. The ever changing landscape created endless images of constant wonder. We climbed steadily, through the gallery of nature, reaching the bottom of the Ossoue glacier in good time. Last night’s conversation, with the mountain hut guardian, assured us that the glacier was in good condition and that the crevasses, despite visibly open, were negotiably. Focused, exhilarated, I led my two companions, Mark and Marcus through the labyrinth of a glacier, stopping frequently to peer into the jaws of the bottomless ice sculptures. A truly formidable sight, gaping crevasses displaying its danger, but, somehow with the sunshine reflecting magical colours on its icy depths, it lay comforting.

Through the shattering glacier, we stood at the foot of Pique Longue and prepared for the final cone of rock that would lead to the summit. There was little time for rest as the cold penetrated every lining of clothing, so we quickly refuelled and started the final ascent. It was pleasantly a straightforward scramble, despite the adverse danger of falling rock, and before long we were standing triumphantly on the summit. Once again we were greeted by the angry raging wind, which we had managed to escape from throughout the glacier crossing, but, its powerful orchestra of bellows could not deflate our spirits, as we marvelled in our achievement.

We stood proud, with nature, inspired on the summit of Vignemale, the highest mountain in the French Pyrenees.

And, so there lies an insight into what inspires me.