Due to personal circumstances beyond her control Kit will not be opening her studio this year. 

Kit Henderson

Email: burngalston@gmail.com

Phone: 07761 985818

Working mostly in oils and acrylics, I paint whatever charms me

The Artists bio

I attended Edinburgh Art College in the early 80’s and although I have always been involved in the creative industries, working in corporate interiors and design, I did not begin painting again until ten years ago.
I work from my rural studio in Ayrshire, drawing inspiration from the beautiful countryside that surrounds me. Surrounded by the treasures I find on my walks, my studio often resembles a school nature table with wasp’s bikes vying for space with antlers and empty bird’s nests!
I have a vast list of ‘favourite artists’ but in particular, I have a great love of the realists such as Jules Bastien-Lepage whose depiction of the countryside I find utterly charming. There is an illustrative quality to his work and a restrained use of colour that I am particularly drawn to. Other influences include some of those that followed Lepage, in particular some of the lesser known Glasgow Girls such as Eleanor Allan Moore and Norah Neilson Gray.
Working mostly in oils and acrylics, I paint whatever charms me. Ducks are a favourite subject as well as life studies and more surreal illustrative pieces that invite the viewer to imagine their own story. I am an avid collector of folk tales and nursery rhymes of all cultures, and I love creating ‘illustrations’ for imagined tales. This work includes pieces with a fairy-tale like quality that appeal to adults and children alike. Using many different techniques for my illustrative work such as decoupage and gilding, these drawings and paintings strive to explore some of the more traditional and sometimes darker functions of these types of tales. I am a firm believer that we are all innately creative (I have yet to meet a child who is not), however many adults have forgotten the joy of creating or have lost confidence and so I have run creativity workshops teaching ways to silence the inner critic and to relearn the joy of creating for its own sake without attachment to the outcome. My hope is that by engaging with my art people may reconnect with something of their own creative journey and feel inspired to explore it further.
I have exhibited at Maclaurin Gallery and Rozelle House Gallery in Ayr, Wellington Gallery in Kilmarnock, The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock, Art in the Park and have been a visiting Artist in Residence at Culzean Castle Gallery. My work is in private collections in the UK, France, Australia and the US as well as here in the UK.