exhibiting at:  13 Blackburn Drive, Ayr, KA7 2XW

Susan Leishman

Email: susie.leishman@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SusanLeishmanArt

Phone: 07799 391 917

Address: 13 Blackburn Drive, Ayr, KA7 2XW

every time I start a new piece it’s like going on a new adventure

The Artists bio

Living so closely by the sea has a big impact on me and I feel drawn to painting the ever changing moods of the sea and sky.

My holidays in Scotland, particularly the islands of Harris and Lewis have been a huge influence in me and indeed after my first visit I decided to start painting and developing my art in a more serious way.

I love using acrylics because of the vivid colour and texture that can be created. I have experimented with mixing a slow drying medium mixed with acrylics as it makes the paint flow and dry slower. I find I have an impatience with oils as they have a longer drying time!

I also enjoy using water colours especially after drawing with a pen and then going over it with the water colours, it’s very effective. I tried this when I was on holiday in Cornwall and it was an easy way to have some completed artwork in a very short space of time.

As well as painting seascapes I have enjoyed painting some autumnal scenes and feel really drawn to the vivid colours especially at that time of year.

I love painting as it gives me immense pleasure to create something from a blank canvas or piece of paper and every time I start a new piece it’s like going on a new adventure.