exhibiting at:  The Wunderkammer, Culzean Castle, Maybole, Ayrshire KA19 8LE (next to the Old Stables cafe)

National Trust Scotland entry charges apply

West and Wild

Email: brockaffleck@yahoo.co.uk

Web: http://www.westandwild.co.uk

Phone: 07749 090 884

Address: 5 Stellhead Avenue New Cumnock, Ayrshire KA18 4JT GB

nature, and our place in nature, is always the subject matter of my work

The Artists bio

“My work comes from being alone in remote places” this is was what I said in my final statement in my degree show in Edinburgh in 1991 and these words apply just as much now as I work in the Ayrshire countryside of my childhood. I am a professional nature based artist working mainly in watercolour, or ink, or graphite or chalk, or sometimes acrylic- and nature, and our place in nature, is always the subject matter of my work. Carefull and meticulous observation is vital to my art work . I collect and draw objects found whilst walking, visitting places of historical interest, and watching wildlife in the the countryside. These found objects are more than mere objects, what ever they may be they are often symbols of life and the passage of time and in possessing them, and finally drawing them, I am making connections between myself, my world. A well as leading badger and wildlife watching tours in Ayrshire I have previously been trained to use my wildlife tracking skills to identify and gather evidence for the police at wildlife crimescenes. This kind of activity informs my work as an artist. For instance, the summer of 2016 saw the establishment of my Culzean Castle Wunderkammer Project which brought my art and field naturalist skills together in showcasing my wildlife tracks trails and signs collection. My Wunderkammer at Culzean Castle is my 2017 OSA venue where visitors can see how my work has developed over the past year.