exhibiting at:  63 Cumbrae Drive, Ayr, KA7 4GA

Ian McKinnell

Email: ian@mckinnell.me

Web: www.digitalartontherun.co.uk

Instagram: @digitalartontherun

Facebook: digitalartontherun

Phone: 07549 323523

My abstracts images begin with found surfaces, colours and textures from around me. Some images remain more-or-less as found, others, to bend a phrase, I have taken for a walk; I delight in creating new ways to see the commonplace.

The Artists bio

I have been a keen photographer most of my life although the needs of career and family have interfered. Latterly I have returned to my first love, but my interest takes a very different direction. My eye is drawn to the abstract, as it always has been, and I take delight in looking for an image as a starting point and exploring how far I can transform it to create a different way of seeing. Some of my work is very physical in construction, consisting of multiple, arranged images, and I am exploring the possibilities of mixed media as a way to add depth to my work and intend to study printmaking as part of my artistic development.

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