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Janet Kleboe

My name is Janet Kleboe, creator of the “Ayrshire Squares”. I create textiles for lovers of joy and comfort and for the last 10 years I’ve been making textiles of small scented pouches at £ 5.00 to visually striking textile art at £900.00.

From the “Ayrshire Squares” to the “Historic Coastline of Ayrshire” my textiles are expressions of significant values I notice in a cultural landscape. I studied cultural landscapes and completed an MSc in 2006 titled “Images of the Scottish Landscape”. What is a cultural landscape? It is the association with and evidence of human activity on the natural landscape. I capture that association and significance by drawing, painting, dyeing stitching and quilting my textiles of landscapesof the wild flowers that bloom along the cut grass verges, to the built and made entities of human activity.

Landscapes can be valued from many perspectives. While some landscapes can be intellectually appraised and valued by the scientist for their natural heritage, the archaeologist may see historic and age values within built heritage entities that await exploration and documentation; or the farmer may see a valuable field that needs to be levelled and ploughed while another observer may have a spiritual or emotional response to a natural feature or man-made object in the landscape associated with a story, myth or legend passed down by word of mouth.
A cultural landscape, for me, mean landscapes I notice that identify cultural values I care about. My use of the term “landscape” refers to land, nature and art, while the word “art” is used to mean the entities in a landscape such as building, sculpture, product or agriculture that expresses human knowledge and understanding.



13 Main Street Sorn, Mauchlinne, KA5 6HU


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