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About OSA: ( Click the plus sign to open )

Open Studios Ayrshire (OSA) is a non-profit artist led organisation which aims to promote artists/makers in Ayrshire who have a quality product and
working expertise to share.

This annual art event was launched by a group of Ayrshire artists in 2013, inspired by the success of Dumfries and Galloway’s Spring Fling, they were determined to offer a similar platform to the many talented artisans of Ayrshire.

OSA gives artists support in showing their work within the local community as part of an art trail and in turn provides the public with the benefit of meeting the artists in person in the setting of their studio or workshop.

OSA is organised by a committee of volunteer members being; Julie H Winter (Chairperson), Victoria Pollard (Vice Chairperson), Colette Lamberth (Members Secretary), Elaine Walker (Treasurer), Shane Kelly (Website Development), Jenny Brown, Erin Tulloch, George Lockhart and Kit Henderson are full committee members, Co-opted committee members also include; Julie Boswell (Accessibility), Patricia Candlish, Jane Robertson, Doug McNicol (Accountant).

The first event in March 2013 was supported by 36 local artists and despite the inclement weather, attracted 2,800 visitors who enjoyed free access to all the venues and bought over 500 pieces of locally produced artworks. The initial success was due in no small part to the generous support of South Ayrshire Council in promoting the event. Each year more artists have joined OSA to make it a vibrant community of self supporting artists. OSA is now well and truly established as an annual event that attracts over 9,000 visitors a year!


The OSA Constitution
Please click on the following link to view the OSA Constitution.

OSA Constitution

Please note: the OSA Constitution file is a PDF document and you need an Adobe Reader plug-in to view it. If you don’t already have Adobe Reader, you can click here to download it for free.

What to expect from OSA: ( Click the plus sign to open )

If selected you will be part of a group of exhibiting artists, within Ayrshire. Annually the OSA art trail attracts a massive public spend of around £40K.

OSA artists meet to support each other and learn from key speakers.

There is an opportunity to exhibit artwork and attend an official preview
Rozelle House in January / February.

OSA Artists attend The OSA Launch in March at a venue to be arranged. This is where you will receive promotional materials including a banner and high quality brochures. Here you will interact with your guests and with the public, helping them plan their art trail. There may also be further opportunities to exhibit here. This event helps you promote yourself within the OSA art trail and is just one month before the main event, so there will be lots of photos to add to social media and news articles attracting the interest of art lovers in Ayrshire.

If you don’t have a studio we have several spaces which can be applied for, however these incur a shared cost between yourself and other participating artists and some may charge a percentage commission. Some of our OSA artists share a space within a studio. To encourage the development of a personal studio we encourage people without their own space to create works within the venue that they are intending to use during the OSA art trail.

Many of our artists sell very well from their own studio and benefit from return visitors throughout the year.

Some of our artists have exhibited for four years and have a wealth of knowledge to share and help your practice grow.

We are also supported in various ways by local councils too, South and East Ayrshire councils have previously contributed funds and organisation to running a trail bus to rural OSA venues.

What OSA expects from its members: ( Click the plus sign to open )

It is very important to communicate via: Facebook or email –

OSA is run by volunteers, who need you to respond quickly in order to ensure events are organised smoothly.

We need your enthusiasm so we can share this event with the public via:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform you use.

We would appreciate posts about OSA sent via Facebook being shared with your network. If we all do this the response can be huge.

Please draw attention to our website as this showcases your work and the level of artistic ability within the group you belong to and have been selected to join.

Please select really good quality photos of the images you want to use to promote yourself. Many works shown in the brochure and website sell very well! If sold, don’t forget to offer new images for the following year!

Attract prospective customers to your venue during the OSA event. Use good quality, easily read signs and blue balloons to direct the public to your venue.

Banners are handed out at the launch, hang them at least a week before the OSA Event. Adapt the wording to say that your venue will be open soon, or put the dates of the event on top of the text which says TODAY. The banner needs to be returned after the event please.

Brochures are high quality and need distributing to interested parties. Please engage the public in conversation about OSA before handing the brochures out.

We are looking for sponsorship from local businesses, so forward your ideas to

Please do not try to acquire a venue on behalf of OSA, please talk to the Committee/ Chair via about any venue suggestions.

Renewals are now closed

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