Renewal Form - Full Member

NB. This form is for existing members renewing for 2020. To renew as a Lay Member, click here.

The information you give below will be used in the 2020 OSA directory, therefore it is up to each member to ensure that they provide accurate information.

This section is information that will allow OSA to contact you if necessary.  This information will not be published. Information will be stored securely whilst you are a member of OSA and for two years after your last renewal (either full or lay renewal). Thereafter your information will be deleted from the OSA records.

These are the details that will appear for you in all OSA Publications : i.e. The printed directory and the website.

NB: Please be accurate. What you write here, is what goes in the directory.

In here, please put the address where you will be exhibiting at the Open Studios Ayrshire weekend in 2020.
Anything which you'd like added to your listing in the directory, e.g. local directions like Sue Foster's note in last year's directory.
Please tick the appropriate boxes for the days you will be exhibiting over the OSA weekend in 2020.
Please tick the appropriate box for your OSA weekend venue.
Please write a maximum of 40 words in the first person, which will be printed in the Directory. Please complete this field, even if you are not changing the text from last year.

Please upload four photographs (in .jpg or .jpeg format) that are representative of your work using the following “File Upload” buttons.  

The first image will be used for your listing in the 2020 OSA directory, but it may be cropped to fit the page, so select an appropriate image.  All four images will be used on your OSA website page.

These must be four good clear images of your work, good enough for publication.

Please make landscape orientated pictures at least 1024 pixels wide and 720 pixels high, and portrait oriented pictures* at least 720 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high. Square pictures should be at least 1024 pixels in width and height.

***************** File size of each image should be under 1Mb ***************

Please, please, please, name your files with your name and the work’s title (or untitled if not named) For example: Anne_Artist_Rain_falling_on_the_Mull_of_Kintyre.jpg, Anne_Artist-Untitled_1.jpg – this really helps matching the Artist to their work.

Guidelines for producing effective, professional-looking photographs (written by an OSA Artist) are available here.

OSA is run as a collective of artists, all of whom are expected to participate in organising the annual event. The groups are all administered via Facebook, therefore it is important that you have a profile on Facebook to be involved. We understand that not everyone wishes to have a social media presence however to facilitate this smoothly this medium has been selected. All Facebook groups will be closed, and only available to current or future OSA members and it is not necessary that any specific personal data be shared.

  • I have read and understood the information presented on this page.

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