Rozelle House Exhibition - Artist Submissions

This year you may sell your exhibits.  All payments will be made by Rozelle House into the OSA bank account.  You will be notified of any sales and payment will be transferred to you within 14 days of the exhibition closing.

40% commission will be deducted by Rozelle House for any sales so please price your items with that in mind.

Should you choose NOT to exhibit one or more of your items for sale then please ensure that the relevant submission is in the lower section of this form, entitled “Exhibits Not For Sale’.

Please submit the name, medium, dimensions and price (or value for insurance purposes) of each item individually.

There is both hanging space and cabinets at Rozelle. To help prepare for the exhibition please also confirm which would best suit your exhibit.

This section is only for exhibits you wish to sell.

This section is only for exhibits you DO NOT wish to sell.

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