exhibiting at:  The Bothy, Grange Mains, Minishant, Ayrshire KA19 8DL

it is important to be continually experimenting with new materials

The Artists bio

Born in Manchester in 1975, we moved up to Ayrshire in 1982. Having spent most of my childhood here in 1993 I went on to do a 9 month drawing and painting course at Lorenzo de Medici school, Florence then continued to travel and work in Europe for a few years before being accepted to attend the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture in 1998. After finishing my studies and an artists residency programme I decided to move back to Scotland at the end of 2001, making Glasgow my base and its surroundings. I have recently done full circle and come back to Ayrshire. For the past three years, as well as developing my own artistic practise I also teach adults and children drawing and painting classes and workshops.

I grew up surrounded by animals and this has continually influenced my work over the years. My prime source of inspiration was the horse, creating large scale paintings of horses eyes as well as paintings inspired by travels working with the Australian stockmen and Argentine Gauchos. The subject matter for more recent oil paintings has still been horses but I have found myself moving in even closer to my subject, looking at the colours, patterns and shapes formed by their coats, creating much more abstract imagery. While I have predominantly been a painter for many years, I have always produced the occasional wire sculpture, knowing that this was the direction I would like to take my work.

My current work is still inspired by animals as well as birds but my starting point with each piece is to make a wire sculpture which will then evolve into drawings and paintings, each exploring a variety of ways of expressing that particular sculpture in a variety mediums. I will often cover areas of wire with plaster, and then by drawing just these covered areas onto canvas or paper creates a completely new piece of work, something made up of more abstract shapes. I enjoy the process of redeveloping one single piece of work in many different ways, continually reinventing an original idea.

I also have a love for all things that look old, rusty and rustic, so I am always looking for new materials to create this result, as well as salvaging interesting pieces of wood and metal whenever I can to incorporate into my work. Recently I have started to use resin to set drawings and sculptures into. I am very much just learning to use this medium but am really excited by its possibilities, so intend to be using it a lot more. The same also applies to welding which I have recently started. I create figurative sculptures which are formed by welding together what seem to be a series of abstract shapes until you see the final sculpture as a whole.

I believe for the development of my work and myself as an artist it is important to be continually experimenting with new materials and see how they can all be put together to realise the ideas I have in my head.

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